Join our Calligraphy Class!

Want to make your stay in KYOTO more memorable?
If so, why not visit our calligraphy class?
Let's turn vocabulary words into beautiful works of art!

There are a lot of advantages of learning calligraphy.
1. Your posture will be better.
2. Doing calligraphy gives you a healing effect and it becomes a great stress reliever.
3. This experience will be your lifelong memory for you.
4. Writing beautiful letters means the person is smart and classy.
You will be popular with the ladies^^

No Japanese?
No problem.
The most important thing is to enjoy new culture.
PAPA will give you a clear and easy instruction.
Please feel free to contact us at any time if you are interested in this class.

◆1,000 yen/40-50 mins/person
◆We will give you FUDEPEN (Japanese pen for calligraphy with a tip like a brush) and a spare cartridges of ink.


◆Information on the Accommodation Tax◆

To persons staying in Kyoto city, The accommodation tax will be introduced on October 1st, 2018.
After October 1, 2018, we will charge the accommodation tax separately from the accommodation fee.

【Tax amount】
Room fee Per person per night
Under 20,000 yen‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥ 200yen
Between 20,000 yen and 50,000 yen‥‥‥‥500yen
50,000 yen or more‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥1,000yen


a wonderful award of Booking.com.

We got a wonderful award of Booking.com.
We feel honored of that.
Thanks to everyone, your review made this point.
It is a great present to us.


7 reasons why you should stay at COMPASS.

1. Caring staffs will always take care of you.
'Where are you going to?', ' Do you know how to get there?', 'Did you finish dinner?', ' Are you sure you haven't forgotten anything?'
That's like lovable annoying mama😃
2. We always take it easy. 
And this leads our guests to do the same. When you realize, it may be evening...
3. You can make friends naturally.
So you never feel alone.
4. Not stylish, but like grandma's home.
If it is super stylish, you can not be in a relaxed mood, right?
5. We will help anything to make your stay wonderful!
But our knowledge is limited, such a time, let's look up it together.
6. You can feel non touristic and local atmosphere.
There are public bath houses, very typical IZAKAYA(Japanese style pub) and many local restaurants, so you can feel the local atmosphere. 
7. MAMA, she sums up everything.
Speaking of COMPASS, it is MAMA.
Speaking of MAMA, it is COMPASS.

Not only MAMA, but also there are Handsome PAPA who is very good at calligraphy, beautiful AKANE(if she keeps quiet,haha) and me COCO who loves mountain hiking and drinking.

"Seeing is better than hearing"
Do not miss COMPASS,  it will be the best part of your memory in your journey.
You wanted to be alone on your journey... Mission Impossible!!


Eikando-Temple with Maple Trees!

Have you ever been to see the autumn leaves?
Kyoto is really famous for that.
I went to Eikando-Temple tonight.
There is a garden within these grounds in which special night visits are held in autumn.
The leaves have a beautiful contrast between red and green.
It is fantastic!!
It's cold outside make sure you wrap up when you go there.
Visit Hours;~Dec.6 17:30-21:00
Entrance Fee; 600 yen


Fantastic Japanese Tea Tour !!

Our guests are 11 Belgium ladies. They learn Japanese culture so well and curious about Japanese tea. They made a reservation Tea tour with KYOTO OBUBU TEA FARM in WATSUKA in KYOTO.
We joined their Japanese tea tour together.

 The OBUBU FARMS is in WATSUKA in Kyoto.
It takes about more than 1 hours from the center of Kyoto.

 Kyoto obubu tea farms were welcoming , warm atmosphere.
We met three Japanese staff and four foreign interns, an italian, a french, an Australian and a chinese.  All of them were so friendly and so funny !!

 They explain what is green tea and what different with other tea with screen in English.
 We saw and drank a couple kind of tea and listen about tea.
Our guests were so serious, they asked many questions.
I'm Japanese but I don't know about tea very much.

 Next, let's go to the farm !!

 It was rainy day, but our guests didn't care about the rain at all !!

But the tea plantation was made along the face of mountain.
You have to claim on the maddy way.

Look !! It is awesome view, beautiful !!!!!  

Hiro ( one of the staff), he explain the plantation and gave tea flower to our guests.
Aki (the owner)told us how to pick up tea leaves.

We tried picking the leaves.

Next, we went to the factory to know how to make tea.

The four intern told us how to use a machine and process.
They are internship.

The lunch time !!
We ate Udon, Curry rice etc...

After the lunch, we studied again.

We practice to offer the tea.

If you'd like to buy the tea  of WATSUKA, you can buy them after the schooling.

Kyoto obubu tea farms offer TEA TOUR twice in a week
(Tuesdays and Thursdays)
It takes 4 hours (11:00a.m. to 3:00p.m.)

If you curious the tea tour, look their web site.



We, Papa & Mama went to Gion and experienced the party with MAIKO. It was the first time to see a MAIKO so close.
The reutaurant is Yasaka-dori EMRAKU.

The MAIKO was dancing 2 songs.

The food course is Kyoto cuisine. It was delicious. 
I've gotten full.

I lost the TENPURA picture....

 While you are eating, The MAIKO visiting around table to you !!
You can ask her anything !!

We know MAIKO but we tend not to know the life of MAIKO.
Let's make clear your question !!
You play 2 game with MAIKO.
The game was so simple, but it was fun because being with MAIKO!!

 It took around 2hours.
The location was so good atmosphere.
If you are interesting about it or You'd like to make a reservation, please contact us.

Please look at the site detail.