In Response to the Novel Coronavirus • 关于预防新型冠状病毒感染的应对通知 • 有關預防感染新型冠狀病毒的措施 • 신종 코로나바이러스 감염 예방 대책에 관하여

◆ 新型コロナウイルス関連肺炎の発生が複数報告されていることを受け、弊社では以下の対応 を行っております。 
• Several cases of pneumonia related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) have been reported in Japan. Our facility will be implementing the following measures in response. 
• 由于日本国内出现数起新型冠状病毒导致肺炎的病例,本公司特采取以下应对措施。 
• 由於目前已有數起新型冠狀病毒引發肺炎之案例,本公司採取下列措施以為因應。 
• 당사에서는 신종 코로나바이러스와 관련한 폐렴 발생이 여러 건 보고된 사실을 인지하고, 다음과 같이 대응하고 있습니다.

◆ 新型コロナウイルスへの感染予防と拡散防止のため、施設内の衛生強化に努めております。 
• In an effort to prevent and minimize the spread of the novel coronavirus, we are promoting proper sanitation within the facility. 
• 为了预防新型冠状病毒感染及扩散,我们将努力加强设施内的卫生安全水平。 
• 為預防感染及防止擴散新型冠狀病毒,我們已加強設施內部的衛生安全。 
• 신종 코로나바이러스 감염 예방과 확산 방지를 위해 시설 내 위생 강화에 힘쓰고 있습니다. 

◆ お客様とスタッフの健康と安全を考慮し、マスクを着用して対応させていただいております。 
• In consideration of the health of both customers and staff, the staff will be wearing masks as a precautionary measure. 
• 秉着为客人及员工的健康与安全着想的方针,允许员工在工作时戴口罩提供服务。 
• 為了您與工作人員雙方的健康及安全,我們會配戴口罩接待各位貴賓。 
• 고객님 및 스태프의 건강과 안전을 고려하여 마스크를 착용한 상태로 대응하고 있습니다.

◆ 不特定多数の方が接触される箇所を中心に、消毒液による清掃を定期的に行っております。 
• Disinfectants are regularly used during cleaning, especially in locations frequented by large numbers of people. 
• 我们正在重点对不特定人接触的场所,用消毒液定期进行清洁。 
• 我們會以不特定多數人接觸的地方為主,進行定期消毒清潔。 
• 불특정 다수의 사람이 접촉하는 장소를 중심으로, 소독액을 사용하여 정기적으로 청소를 실시하고 있습니다. 

◆ 施設内各所に消毒液を設置し、手・指の消毒を推奨しております。 
• Hand sanitizer is now available throughout the hotel. We highly recommend practicing proper hand sanitization at all times. 
• 设施内各处设有消毒液,建议您手指消毒。 
• 設施內多處提供消毒液,建議您經常消毒雙手及手指。 
• 시설 내 곳곳에 소독액을 비치하여 손과 손가락을 소독하도록 권하고 있습니다. 

◆チェックイン時に検温のご協力をお願いしております。ご予約いただいていた場合でも、ご宿泊および館内のご利用をお断りさせていただく場合が ございます。 
• For safety, please cooperate with us in a temperature check and disinfection. We reserve the right to refuse accommodation and access to the building based on your health condition, regardless of any reservations. 
• 即使您已经预定房间,根据具体情况,也有可能拒绝入住及利用馆内设施。 
• 即使您已訂房,視情況我們可能謝絕您的住宿或使用館內設施。 
• 예약을 하셨더라도 숙박 및 관내 이용이 거절될 수 있습니다. 

◆ 洗面所にハンドソープを設置しておりますので、手洗い・うがいのご協力を お願い致します。 
• Hand soap and is provided in washrooms. Please practice proper handwashing and gargle with mouthwash whenever possible. 
• 卫生间设有洗手液、请勤洗手、勤漱口,敬请配合。 
• 洗手間備有洗手乳,敬請配合洗手及漱口。 
• 세면대에 비누와 가글액도 비치되어 있사오니 손 씻기 및 가글에 협조해 주시기를 부탁드립니다. 

◆ 発熱や咳などの症状がある方、体調がすぐれない方はスタッフまでお声がけください。 
• If you are experiencing a fever or cough, or if you are feeling unwell in any way, please speak to the staff immediately. 
• 出现发烧或咳嗽等症状的客人,或者身体欠佳的客人,请通知工作人员。 
• 若出現發燒、咳嗽等症狀,或是身體不適者,請告知我們的工作人員。
 • 발열 및 기침 등의 증상이 있거나 몸 상태가 좋지 않은 분께서는 스태프에게 말씀해 주십시오. 

◆ 近隣の保健所をご案内いたします。 
• We will direct you to the nearest health center. 
• 届时为您介绍附近的保健所。 • 我們會提供最近的衛生保健所地點。 
• 근처에 있는 보건소를 안내해 드리겠습니다. 

◆ ご理解とご協力のほど、よろしくお願い申し上げます。 
• Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 
• 敬请理解与配合。 • 感謝您的諒解並請協助配合。 
• 이해해 주시고 협조해 주시기를 부탁드립니다. 

◆ 今後の対策につきましては、随時変更させていただく場合がございます。 
• Please note that health-related measures may change without notice. 
• 今后的应对措施,根据具体情况可能随时调整。 
• 有關之後的對應措施,我們保留隨時修正的權力。 
• 향후 대책에 관한 내용은 수시로 변경될 수 있습니다.


Why don't you make a long stay in Kyoto city? 

It's really a serious situation all over the world.
But we have to persevere through hard times.
I hope everything will blow over soon. 

There are many things you can feel 
 and find out by staying in one place for a long time.
There are consecutive stay discount plans in COMPASS.

PeriodApr.01.20 Jun.30.20   
Room type ; Dormitory

Discount Rate;
More than  7 days→15%Off
More than  14 days→20%Off
More than  1 month→30%Off
Breakfast is included


" Health Maintenance with happily!!"

This years's ambition " Health Maintenance with happily!!"
I went to a Yoga class.
The Class was held by our previous guests from Belgium.
Now she open Yoga class in Kyoto.
You can get a Yoga lesson and English !!!


After that, I went to a hot spring ,"HANA NO YU".
I really love the massage chair there !!!

It takes about 10 min, from COMPASS by bicycle.
It's a perfect relax holiday.
Let's work hard from tomorrow !!



Santa Claus came over to COMPASS!!

Dear Santa Claus,

Thank you very much for visiting COMPASS.
I am super happy that I could share the time with you.
I will be a good girl next year as well.
So please, please come back here again...

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas!



Join our Calligraphy Class!

Want to make your stay in KYOTO more memorable?
If so, why not visit our calligraphy class?
Let's turn vocabulary words into beautiful works of art!

There are a lot of advantages of learning calligraphy.
1. Your posture will be better.
2. Doing calligraphy gives you a healing effect and it becomes a great stress reliever.
3. This experience will be your lifelong memory for you.
4. Writing beautiful letters means the person is smart and classy.
You will be popular with the ladies^^

No Japanese?
No problem.
The most important thing is to enjoy new culture.
PAPA will give you a clear and easy instruction.
Please feel free to contact us at any time if you are interested in this class.

◆2,000 yen/1 hour/per person
◆You can get a paintbrush and a special training paper for your use.


◆Information on the Accommodation Tax◆

To persons staying in Kyoto city, The accommodation tax will be introduced on October 1st, 2018.
After October 1, 2018, we will charge the accommodation tax separately from the accommodation fee.

【Tax amount】
Room fee Per person per night
Under 20,000 yen‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥ 200yen
Between 20,000 yen and 50,000 yen‥‥‥‥500yen
50,000 yen or more‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥1,000yen


a wonderful award of Booking.com.

We got a wonderful award of Booking.com.
We feel honored of that.
Thanks to everyone, your review made this point.
It is a great present to us.