Fantastic Japanese Tea Tour !!

Our guests are 11 Belgium ladies. They learn Japanese culture so well and curious about Japanese tea. They made a reservation Tea tour with KYOTO OBUBU TEA FARM in WATSUKA in KYOTO.
We joined their Japanese tea tour together.

 The OBUBU FARMS is in WATSUKA in Kyoto.
It takes about more than 1 hours from the center of Kyoto.

 Kyoto obubu tea farms were welcoming , warm atmosphere.
We met three Japanese staff and four foreign interns, an italian, a french, an Australian and a chinese.  All of them were so friendly and so funny !!

 They explain what is green tea and what different with other tea with screen in English.
 We saw and drank a couple kind of tea and listen about tea.
Our guests were so serious, they asked many questions.
I'm Japanese but I don't know about tea very much.

 Next, let's go to the farm !!

 It was rainy day, but our guests didn't care about the rain at all !!

But the tea plantation was made along the face of mountain.
You have to claim on the maddy way.

Look !! It is awesome view, beautiful !!!!!  

Hiro ( one of the staff), he explain the plantation and gave tea flower to our guests.
Aki (the owner)told us how to pick up tea leaves.

We tried picking the leaves.

Next, we went to the factory to know how to make tea.

The four intern told us how to use a machine and process.
They are internship.

The lunch time !!
We ate Udon, Curry rice etc...

After the lunch, we studied again.

We practice to offer the tea.

If you'd like to buy the tea  of WATSUKA, you can buy them after the schooling.

Kyoto obubu tea farms offer TEA TOUR twice in a week
(Tuesdays and Thursdays)
It takes 4 hours (11:00a.m. to 3:00p.m.)

If you curious the tea tour, look their web site.

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