Opening campaign "Let's go to a public bath house in Hanten "

Our guest house COMPASS will be open in this February.
So we practice a opening campaign.
We will present our guest staying in Februry free ticket for the public bath house.
The name of campaign is
"Let's go to a public bath house in HANTEN"
Please come and get warm and become happy !!

              ※while you are staying in our guesthouse, one apiece.



February 1st, 2nd
My dream come true as having a Japanese style guesthouse.
I truly feel grateful for everybody who take care of us and support us.
We will hold the OPEN HOUSE and make sure as many people as possible knew about us.
Please come and look,and spread around !!

Awesome painting !!

I was moved to tears.
The painting made me an impression on me.
This is the first wonderful experience.
On top of  it, thanks to  Mr, Tomonari Nakayasiki who is the artist painter of this painting, it is displayed on the wall of our guesthouse"COMPASS"

A happy new year !!

We couldn't celebrate New Year's day this year.
My family and relatives had to carry and unpacking faniture and many boxes in our guesthouse.
Some of them had been kept in the storage of my parent's house. They restart to work with us again !! They looked happy. It makes me happy too.
Anyway everybody who helped us was completely exhausted.
I offered ony OZONI (rice-cake soup)for the celebration of New year's day.
But this is special !! The OZONI was made broth from Bonito, put 13 kind of ingredients (salmon, chikin, vegitables etc.).
Please come our guesthouse and have this special OZONI next year !!

Last spurt !!

Our renovation project will be over by the end of this year.
The construction workers, painters and electrical workers put out a last spurt !
Thank you very much for all of them !!
Now comes the difficult part.
We need to get ready !!
Just then, I'm quite at a loss because of tons of packages.

This is a guesthouse !!

I tried to stay in the guesthouse "Oki's inn" in Kyoto.
The owner were young but they were very kind and friendly.
They told me everything what I wanted to know.
I really appreciate very much the support from them.
And more, I and my daughtor went to a public bathhouse with the lady who was a German.
We had an enjoyabletime.
This is a great point of staying in a guesthouse, isn't it ?!

The exterior work was over !!

It's black....
Can you see the our guesthouse in the dark?
A white store curtain, a red post.
It must became fabulous !!  ???

The Logo image of our guesthouse COMPASS

This is a logo of our guesthouse COMPASS.
          by Graphic Designer Mr,Yuki Yanagisawa

They wark hard ! PART 2

It's getting cold.
But they are painting the outside wall on the scaffold like a NINJA.
They are cool !!

Electricians Mr,Yamamoto and Mr, Nakamura. They tought me a lot !!

 Architect  Mr, Hideaki Imai. 
  His head has full of ideas for Japanese old house.

The red scarf looks so cute !! Gyoseishoshi Lawyer  Mr, Tsukasa Kitagawa.

Treasure hunter

How many years I haven't been my hometown.
We went to my parents house where I used to live for looking for valuable old funiture.
When I was little, I felt the house was old, dark, cold and  inconvenient.
But today I had an enjoyable time.
It's like a treasure hunting !!

The exterior works are started.

Our renovation project is based on the devisional co-operation.
Carpenter's work was over.
The exterior work was started by painters.
They are putting full makeup on it. It's so excited !!


One day trip around Southern part of Kyoto

We went around southern part of Kyoto. We had an enjoyable time !!

Flea Markets at To-ji temple

Antique shop in Ujidawara

Tea shop in Ujidawara

The superb view of Minami-yamashiro

The tea plantation in Minami-yamashiro

My best way to release stress.

Everything what I want to do doesn't go according to schedule.
Sometimes I get depressed, sometimes I get irritated.
One of my way out is "Watching Krean drama."  It works !!
Almost in every Korean dramas, heros and heroins are surrounded by horiible situations.
But they overcome so many obstacles, then to the end they become happy.
When I watch them, I get all involved, I tend to forget about our problems.
Even if I still remember ours, I feel like I would be a heroin who try to overcome every difficulties.
But they are too long. It takes a time to watch them...

Perseverance is Key to a sucess.

"You're never too old to start "
My daughter and I began learning Calligraphy. The result is miserable.
"Perseverance is a key to a sucess !"  "Never, never, never give up !!"
Now, I have an idea. I'd like our guests to have an experience of Japanese culture (Calligraphy, Kimono wearing Japanese tea, Origami  ) in our guesthouse.
But unfortunately I'm a dammie for this field.
I'm looking for someone who is good at such a Japanese culture , someone who want to show and tell their skill to others and someone who is just curious to do it.
Ideas are also now wanted !!


"COMPASS" the name means...

I named our guesthouse "COMPASS".
It means that I'd like to use this small guesthouse for everyone who travels and also gets lost on the way or in life like a compass.
Our last name is NOGAMI. The first capital letter is N.
We'd like to be the N that any compass indicates.

Oh !! No ceiling !!

That's right ! The livingroom on the 1st floor has a partly open-ceiling.
At first, we didn't want to do that. Because we lose one room on the 2nd floor.
But  the result, open-timbered, brightness and we can arrange the wall & the ceiling by ourselves.
This will be fun !!


They wark hard !!

The carpenters.    I didn't ask them of putting up their photos on the blog, so just back shots.

Real-estate campany PLAZA HOME  Mr.Tsuji.

Construction campany J&I  Mr.Kakino