COMPASS select artists original products are on sale.
Please come and look !!

The painting at the entrance "Dream of Rainbow "
at our Front desk is now available as postcars souvenir !!
Artist      Tomonari Nakayashiki    http://thomyashiki.tumblr.com
100yen /sheet
Why don't you send your impression and hope on these postcards to your important person ?

Pretty and fashionable table lights
They look like real lanterns !! But they are comfortable by LED.
Artist   Kojima shouten    http://kojima-shouten.jp/

Spread the wings of your imagination with an EARTH PLATE !!
Artist   Fumi Omae  http://studio-tochin.jimdo.com/  

The compass drawn on the ceiling of our guesthouse is now on sale as can badges !!
If you wear one of these can badges , you are a member of the worldwide COMPASS family.
Artist      Kouhei Yamao     http://www.yamaokohei.com/
200 yen /each

T-shirts with COMPASS logo.
Logo designer    Yuki Yanagisawa
1800 yen/ each
Tey are so cute !!!

"Sagano Romantic train and Arashiyama walk"

There are a lots of to see beautiful autumn leaves in Kyoto.
This time I'd like to show you
"Sagano Romantic train and Arashiyama walk"

The cause is to raid a Roantic train from Kameoka Torokko Station,
Get off at The Arashiyama Torokko station,
and walk th bonboo street,
visit some temple whrer has beautiful maple trees.
            ↓walk 15min.
LR Tanbaguti station
                ↓JR Sagano line
JR Umabori station
            ↓walk 10min.
Kameoka Torokko station. 
                                     ↓Torokko train  about 20min.
Arashiyama torokko station.
bannboo street
some temple
The Bannboo street 

When you get off at the Arashiyama Torokko Station, you are just near the banboo street.
When you are in the bamboo street, you must feel lke being in a story.
Then you visit some temples where has beautiful colored leaves.
Nisoninn temple

Okouch sansou


After that, you eat delicious foods, buy souveniors, riding a boat.
Oh ! you can see monkeys in the monkey park !!
You enjoy vorious things in Arashiyama !!