A huge compass has came !!

At last "BAKI BAKI COMPASS"was drawn on the ceiling of the living room.
It's amazing !! owesome !! I can't explain how to say in English .
When you look up the ceiling from the low sofa of the living room, you could forget time.
The "BAKIBAKI COMPASS" makes an unique atomosphere with ohinasama displayed.
I asked the painter to make au united feeling between this old house and the English name COMPASS with his paint.
The painter is Mr.Kohei Yamao. He was graduated from Kyoto City Art University, and works in Tokyo. Now he often goes overseas because of the famouse his paturn "BAKIBAKI".
Since he is my daughter's friend, he took the job. He is already my friend.
I'm surrounded by many friends. I'm so happy about it !!
 Mr.Yamao and his work "BAKIBAKI COMPASS"

The collaborator is Mr. Hosono of "CAMP" factory.