Wow !! Hina doll is here !!

We decorate "Ohinasan", hina doll on the second floor above the living room.
Everybody was suprised and say,
"Imagen seeing Ohinasan here !!
I've not seeing them for decadas.They were sleeping in the storage in my parents house. They have been waiting for these days.
They look happy !!
Unfortunately、they don't sit on the right places. The stage is too heavey to set.
This year, we have the ceiling changed.
So they will evacuate on the 27th and 28th of February, but you can see them until on the 15th of March.
Even if you wouldn't stay here, Come and see them !!


Japanese lantern

The japanese lantern was lighted up at the entrance of our guesthouse !!
Thanks to the lantern, you can find out our guesthouse easily, even if it's dark.
It's made by Kojima Shoten who made the lantern of the Minamiza theater in Kyoto.
English letter and Logo on the Japanese lantern creates an awra of mystique and hamony.


The process of the works

①Takewari   Craft the bones of the lantern.
②Itoturi  make a flame
③Put a paper on the famwork
④Drow a picture on it !!


The 2nd Opening campane !! BICYCLE RENTAL FREE FOR ONE DAY !!


For the guest who stay for more than two nights in February and March.

Bicycle rental is free for one day !!

※One time during your stay. We have limited number of the bicycle .5 per a day.
Kyoto is perfect suits with bicycle.The center of Kyoto city has the grit pattern roads like a chess boad. And every road has a name.
Even if it's the first trip to Kyoto, you can understand where you are with a map easily !!
If you ride a bike, you can go anywhere you want.
For example famouse sightseeing spots, a small histrical spots and a small cafe on the deep end in small alley.
Guesthouse KYOTO COMPASS has 5 bicycles.
Three of them, they are  black series.The body is black color and tough, double stand and big basket.
Others are mini bicycles with lime green. They are  cute !!
Why don't you ride a bicycle through Kyoto city !!