About baggage delivery service

Of course we can keep the luggage before and after the check in time.
But you have to come here to do that.
Time is money.
If somebody deliver your luggage to your next destination,  don't you think it's very convenient?
There is such a convenient servise.
They deliver from Kyoto station to hotel, guesthouse, etc.
They cover all area in Kyoto, and also opposite way is available.
The price is 650 yen ~ 750 yen each.

For more information, see the following links.


Award: COMPASS is selected to Booking's Best 2015 !!

COMPASS is delighted to announce that we have been voted as Booking.com's Best 2015.
We are so happy that our guests have given us such rave reviews.


The concept of COMPASS is
"Together with our guests, we are creating Guesthouse KYOTO COMPASS "

All of our guests gave us this prize.
Thank you very much !!!!
We sincerely thanks all of our guests and Booking.com.
We look forward to welcoming you soon.


Why don't you walk around in Kyoto city in a kimono?

Speaking of Kyoto, there are lots of temples, shrines, and so on.
And  Kimono get's well with Kyoto's traditions.
We visited Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine in a kimono.
The kimono rental agency staff picked us up to COMPASS.
So there is no need to worry about getting lost on the way to the shop.

The store staff are very polite and helpful.
There are many kimono's, so it is very hard to decide which one to wear.
But no worries.
The staff help us to match all the kimono's items with very good advice.
They put us on a kimono and set our hair.
I guess that some people(including me) have a desire to change.
So I was very excited how easy we can be transformed.

Finally, we could be ladies in a kimono.
We went to Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine with some limitations with our walking due to the kimono.

This shrine is famous for 1,000 torii gates.

We took some rest and drank green tea.
Then we came back to COMPASS with the kimono.
Later on the staff of the agency came over to collect the kimono.
So we didn't need to worry about the time and no need to go back to the shop.
Why don't you walk around in Kyoto city in a kimono?
It will be a fantastic experience in Japan.

Kyoto kimono Legend
TEL 075-604-6555


The summer event information of KYOTO

It is soooooo hot in summer in KYOTO.
But you will be able to experience and see Kyoto's popular traditional events.
For example Gion festival, Gozan no Okuribi (Mountain Bonfire) and many event.
I higly recommend Yuka (Summertime dining by the river) at KIBUNE.



Information about the summer vacation

Guesthouse KYOTO COMPASS will be closed for the summer vacation
from 11th June to 25th June.
During this time, we will not be able to answer any email reservations and requests.
We will start answering emails from 26th June 2015
There could be some delay in responding to requests though.
Thank you for your kind understanding.


Why don’t you make a base camp at COMPASS?

Kyoto is easily accessible by public transport.
You can get to Nara, Himeji, Hiroshima, Arima-Onsen, Koyasan, etc. by train on a day trip!
After you enjoy Kyoto, leave your luggage here and why don't you go on a day trip with your camera?
COMPASS will be a great base camp for you!!


Information of KYOTO in May and June.

It will be over the season of cherry blossom.
It is so short !! But they will show us beautiful cherry blossom next year too !!
Please come to see them in Kyoto again !!

This picture is the maple tree in our garden that was  taken from the window of our female dormitory.
We are looking forward to seeing changing color leaves of it.
In May and June, many kind of flower will bloom in gardens of temples and shrins in Kyoto.
Please refer to the following link for the former information from now on.


COMPASS recommend the light up in Toji temple !!

We will show you the great spot for cherry blossom, Toji temple.
It is lit up at night
the 22nd of March to the 12th of April.
18:30 ~21:30
admission fee     500 yen.

It is so beautiful, like a picture of postcard.
There is of cause cherry blossomm and five story pagpta.
Not just light-up ,a another event of Toji temple.
                     ★Spring Special Exibition    the 20th of March ~ the 25th of May
★You can see the first floor of the five story pagota.
the 29th of April ~ the 25th of May
         ★ Kobo-san (Antique Market)   The 21st of every month.
Access from Guesthouse  COMPASS
            ↓ walk ( 5min,)
take a bus at Nishioji Nanajo bus stop
                                 ↓city bus 202 or 208 (12min,)
Get off at Kujo Omiya bus stop
       ↓walk (5min,)
Toji light up entrance


Let's enjoy our local area !! "SENTO",Public Bathhouse.

There is not very much snow, but it is sooooo cold in Kyoto.
We strongly recommend "SENTO", which are public bathhouses, on such a cold day in winter.
You can enjoy "SENTO" at a very reasonable price. It costs about 430 yen.
In Edo period(17th ~19th century)most buildings were made of wood.
Then a lot of fires occured.
Therefore some Samurai residences were permitted to install bathes in their houses.
Most of Japanese people went to the public bath because there were no bathes in their homes.
So that is how "Sento culture" began to develope.
Now the numbers are decreasing. But many "SENTO" do still exist in KYOTO!
Around our neighborhood, there are two popular "SENTO" that have substantial facilities.
Let's look inside of them both!!
KOMACHIYU is located 3 minutes walking distance from our guesthouse.
Many local people wanting to enjoy it wait in front of them before 3:00p.m. for the public baths to open.

The shoeboxes have old style wooden keys.
The bright sunlit bathroom with white tile walls.
Both shallow and deep bathes, medicated, sleeping style, and electric ones as well.
Sauna and steam baths, open-air bathing with water cascading down your back.
Ladies who are enjoying the water draw on the wall of the outdoor bath !!

In the dressing room, there are hair dryers. One time use is just 20 yen.
You can relax with a massage chair!! 
This lady is always taking amazing care of our guests and everyone else.
                                        Normal business hours      3:00 p.m.~1:00 a.m.
                                        Sunday hours                     7:00 a.m.~1:00 a.m
                                        Closed                                 Tuesday 
TAISHOYU is near the Nanajoonmaedori bus stop on Shichijo street.
It takes about 5 minutes to walk there from our guesthouse.
It has a modern brick appearance outside.
Along with having a parking lot.
There are lockers, massage chairs, a new scale and free dryers in the dressing room.
The bathtub is extremely large !!

They have a sauna and cool water bathes.

Jacuzzi and electric bathes in part of both the shallow and deep tubs.
You can enjoy everything!
The medicated bath is refreshed every month.
The rest room is near the front desk for your convenience.
They have several kinds of drinks in the ice box from which for you to choose.
We used to drink a milkcoffee after taking a bath, but now perhaps a beer if you like?
You can enjoy everything for only 430 yen!!

TAISHOYU information
                                         Normal business hours        3:00 p.m.~1:00 a.m.
                                         Sunday hours                        8:00a.m.~1:00 a.m.
                                         Closed                                    Wednesday