FUSHIMIINARI TAISHA for New Years visit !!

The FUSHIMI INARI TAISHA at New Years Day !!

On New Years Holidays, Many Japanese go to a Shinto shrine for New Years visit.
The Fushimi Inari Taisha is one of the most famouse shrine where is the head shrine of the 30,000 Inarisha shrines nationwide.

The foxes that are the Inari god's servant are waiting for you.

 It is crowded by tans of people infront of the shrine on New Years holidays.

Why don't you try to wear Kimono, and walk aroud Kyoto.

After praying, try to clim the mountain, please.
Go though the red Torii gates that is called "senbon torii".
You must feel so unique atomoshere.
If you clim to the top of the Inari mountain, it's hard but you must has a sense of accomplishment.

On the road infront of the shrine, they sell some roast sparrow.

They sell unique things what for I don't know.


             ↓ city bus 33,205,208
Kyoto station
         ↓ JR Nara Line
JR Inari station

One day trip included FUSHIMI INARI TAISHA

                                                                     ↓ city bus 202    get off at Tofukuji bus sto
            They have some great gardens !!                  Tofukuji
                                           ↓ 15min,-walking -distance
If you clim to the top, it takes 2 hours !!            Fushimiinari Taisha
                                                             ↓ Keihan Line   Fushimiinari station to
                           Gion statiom
Yasaka Shrine
                                                           ↓ Keihan Line  Gion shijou station to
You cross the river with stepping stones.                               Demachiyanagi station, then walk 15min,
Eat the famouse Japanese sweet "Mitarashi dango"Shimogamo shrine
                          ↓ city bus 4, 205
Kyoto station
                                              ↓ city bus 205 (B-3 bus zone)
                                                                                get off at Nanajou Onmae bus stop then walk 3min,

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