FUSHIMIINARI TAISHA for New Years visit !!

The FUSHIMI INARI TAISHA at New Years Day !!

On New Years Holidays, Many Japanese go to a Shinto shrine for New Years visit.
The Fushimi Inari Taisha is one of the most famouse shrine where is the head shrine of the 30,000 Inarisha shrines nationwide.

The foxes that are the Inari god's servant are waiting for you.

 It is crowded by tans of people infront of the shrine on New Years holidays.

Why don't you try to wear Kimono, and walk aroud Kyoto.

After praying, try to clim the mountain, please.
Go though the red Torii gates that is called "senbon torii".
You must feel so unique atomoshere.
If you clim to the top of the Inari mountain, it's hard but you must has a sense of accomplishment.

On the road infront of the shrine, they sell some roast sparrow.

They sell unique things what for I don't know.


             ↓ city bus 33,205,208
Kyoto station
         ↓ JR Nara Line
JR Inari station

One day trip included FUSHIMI INARI TAISHA

                                                                     ↓ city bus 202    get off at Tofukuji bus sto
            They have some great gardens !!                  Tofukuji
                                           ↓ 15min,-walking -distance
If you clim to the top, it takes 2 hours !!            Fushimiinari Taisha
                                                             ↓ Keihan Line   Fushimiinari station to
                           Gion statiom
Yasaka Shrine
                                                           ↓ Keihan Line  Gion shijou station to
You cross the river with stepping stones.                               Demachiyanagi station, then walk 15min,
Eat the famouse Japanese sweet "Mitarashi dango"Shimogamo shrine
                          ↓ city bus 4, 205
Kyoto station
                                              ↓ city bus 205 (B-3 bus zone)
                                                                                get off at Nanajou Onmae bus stop then walk 3min,

!! 1st Annniversary !!

Guesthouse KYOTO COMPASS celebrates the 1st year anniversary on the 7th of Feb,2015.
We sincerely appriciate all of you.
With our feeling of gratitude, we are going to provode a web reservation-limited campaign.
We are looking forward to many people staying in our guesthouse at this opportunity.

★Get a shopping ticket★
Get a 300yen shopping ticket of Guesthouse KYOTO COMPASS
*You can use the ticket for bicycle rental, laundry services, original COMPASS goods, plus other things.
*1ticket per person.

★Get an original sticker of Guesthouse KYOTO COMPASS★
*1 ticket per person.

★Campaign period★
From 16th February to 15th March.
*The customers who stayed during this period.



COMPASS select artists original products are on sale.
Please come and look !!

The painting at the entrance "Dream of Rainbow "
at our Front desk is now available as postcars souvenir !!
Artist      Tomonari Nakayashiki    http://thomyashiki.tumblr.com
100yen /sheet
Why don't you send your impression and hope on these postcards to your important person ?

Pretty and fashionable table lights
They look like real lanterns !! But they are comfortable by LED.
Artist   Kojima shouten    http://kojima-shouten.jp/

Spread the wings of your imagination with an EARTH PLATE !!
Artist   Fumi Omae  http://studio-tochin.jimdo.com/  

The compass drawn on the ceiling of our guesthouse is now on sale as can badges !!
If you wear one of these can badges , you are a member of the worldwide COMPASS family.
Artist      Kouhei Yamao     http://www.yamaokohei.com/
200 yen /each

T-shirts with COMPASS logo.
Logo designer    Yuki Yanagisawa
1800 yen/ each
Tey are so cute !!!

"Sagano Romantic train and Arashiyama walk"

There are a lots of to see beautiful autumn leaves in Kyoto.
This time I'd like to show you
"Sagano Romantic train and Arashiyama walk"

The cause is to raid a Roantic train from Kameoka Torokko Station,
Get off at The Arashiyama Torokko station,
and walk th bonboo street,
visit some temple whrer has beautiful maple trees.
            ↓walk 15min.
LR Tanbaguti station
                ↓JR Sagano line
JR Umabori station
            ↓walk 10min.
Kameoka Torokko station. 
                                     ↓Torokko train  about 20min.
Arashiyama torokko station.
bannboo street
some temple
The Bannboo street 

When you get off at the Arashiyama Torokko Station, you are just near the banboo street.
When you are in the bamboo street, you must feel lke being in a story.
Then you visit some temples where has beautiful colored leaves.
Nisoninn temple

Okouch sansou


After that, you eat delicious foods, buy souveniors, riding a boat.
Oh ! you can see monkeys in the monkey park !!
You enjoy vorious things in Arashiyama !!


The second time, Japanese traditional instrumentb night !!

 On the 19th of July, we held " the second time Japanese traditional Instrument night"
The player of Shakuhachi is Mr, Shinsui Hayashi.
The player of Shamisen is Ms, Keisui Hayashi,
Thanks to them, they play the instrument infront of our guests as volunteers.

After listening music,everybody tried to play the instrument.
All the attendants were from the foreign coountries.
We were so worry that they would enjoy the Japanese traditional music,
but they were full of curiouse !!
They challenged to play the instrument after listening to the music.

I realized that music has no borders !!
After that, let's eat TAKOYAKI !!
The guests tried to make them.
Why don't you challenge to make them.

"The third time ,Japanese traditional Instrument night" will be held 
from 19:00~ on the 21st of August
We will continue to held it once a month.
Even if you don't stay in our guesthouse, please come and listen to the music !!
Let's enjoy togather !!


Enjoy our local area !! PART① The Umekoji Park

We want to  show you our local area.
It is a little west of KYOTO station. It takes about 20minutes by bus.
There are many good retaurants and local shopping street, public baths and the Kyoto central markets. I believe you enjoy Kyoto from a diffrent angle.

This time, I want you show you the UMEKOJI PARK.
The UMEKOJI PARK is located between Kyoto station and our guesthouse COMPASS.
It takes about 10min. by bicycle, two bus stops from COMPASS.
First of all I'll show you The Umekoji Steam Locomotove Museum.
(It will be The Kyoto Railway Museum from the spring in 2016)

Open hours        10:00~17:30 (admission   until 17:00)
admission fee     adult    410yen
                           child    100yen
It is used the former Nijo Station.
It suits well to steam locomotive trains!!

Fan Shaped Locomotive House and Steam Locomotives.
It is really powerful !!
The turn table.
You can ride a Steam Locomotive Train !!
11:30~, 13:30~, 15:30~
After enjoy The Umekoji Steam Locomotove Museum, take a break in theMidori no yamkata.
It has a beautiful huge garden(shujaku no niwa)and retaurant (greenhouse coLLabo).

In the Umekoji Park, jungle gyms in the playing park an a cafe.

The last one, the aquqrium is fantastic place to visit.
Open hours     9:00~17:00
open 365days year
You can see Dolphins and Penguins. 
They held event depend of the day.
Please check it before hand.


From COMPASS: Highlight of July 2014 You can enjoy Gion Festival twice !!

Gion Festival is one of the biggest festival in Japan.
From this year, 2014, the parade of Gion Festival is devided into two days the 17th and the 24th of July as it was originally until 1965.
The Yoiyama(the eve of the main festival)is also carried out twice.

We are so excited about it !!
If you can't make a trip plan with the parade in 17th, how about the 24th?
You have twice chances !!
Schedule check site.


From COMPASS: Higlight of MAY ②  It is a season of the fresh green !!

As sprouts of trees come out, leaves green is so bright and beautiful.
I feel vitality of trees. 
This pictures are from the window of our women's dormitory.

In this season , my recommended spots where has lots of trees with fresh green leaves is
TOFUKUJI(take a city bus #202 at Nishioji-nanajo bus stop, get off the Tofukuji bus stop )
ARASHIYAMA(take a JR Sagano Line at Tanbaguchi station, get off at Saga-arashiyama station)
It's easy enough to go both these sightseeing spots from our guesthouse !!


From COMPASS Highlight of May in Kyoto !! PART1

Matsuo Festival    Kankousai (okaeri)

The 11th of May (SUN.)
Miniture shrines (MIKOSI)is stayin in OTABISHO From the 20th of April.
It is time that they are going back to Matsuo Shrine.
One of them parade through just infront of our guesthouse !!
They pray for happiness of people lining the path of the parade.
At some main corner, many men carry a small shrine and raise it.
It's so exhited !! Let's look it togather !!


The miniture shrine is goin throuh infront of us around 9::00~10:00a.m. on the 11th of May.
Six miniture shrines are going to gather at Asahi no mori at around 12:00p.m.
They will arrive at Matsuo shrine after 17:30.




For the guests who stay for more than two nights in May and June.    (The 1st of May ~ the 30th of June.)

Bicycle rental is free for one day !!

※One time during your stay.
    We have limited number of bicycles. (5 total)
Kyoto is perfest for bicycling.
You can go around our guesthouse, visit the Golden pavillion area and the arashiyama area.
Sometimes some of our guests go to the Imperial palace then to the Silver pavillion.
I'm suprised how far guests can travel by bicycle !!
It's perfect season for riding bucycles.
Why don't you try it out on a sunny day while you are here !!


Matsuo Festival is almost here !!

The Matsuo Festival is almost here and we're right where the action will be !

On the 20thof April, a miniture shrine (MIKOSHI) will be carried along Shichijo street, where our guesthouse is located.
This miniture shrine will be placed at the nearby Matsuo Taisha otabisho, where it will remain for the duration of the Festival.
It will again be carried  along our street on the 11th of May,back to the Matsuo shrine.

Many stalls will line the streets on the 20th of April and the 10th of May.
Come and stay with us and enjoy our local festival !!


Dressing KIMONO

We have some fabulous KIMONO from my reratives and my friend.And a beautiful Austria guest came to stayed in our guesthouse. She knew our skill of helping someone dressed was not enough. But she tried to be a model when wearing a KIMONO.

 We'd like our guest to feel Japan more and more.
So someday we want to help our guest dressed with confidence.
She looks great in a KIMONO.