From COMPASS Highlight of May in Kyoto !! PART1

Matsuo Festival    Kankousai (okaeri)

The 11th of May (SUN.)
Miniture shrines (MIKOSI)is stayin in OTABISHO From the 20th of April.
It is time that they are going back to Matsuo Shrine.
One of them parade through just infront of our guesthouse !!
They pray for happiness of people lining the path of the parade.
At some main corner, many men carry a small shrine and raise it.
It's so exhited !! Let's look it togather !!


The miniture shrine is goin throuh infront of us around 9::00~10:00a.m. on the 11th of May.
Six miniture shrines are going to gather at Asahi no mori at around 12:00p.m.
They will arrive at Matsuo shrine after 17:30.


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