The second time, Japanese traditional instrumentb night !!

 On the 19th of July, we held " the second time Japanese traditional Instrument night"
The player of Shakuhachi is Mr, Shinsui Hayashi.
The player of Shamisen is Ms, Keisui Hayashi,
Thanks to them, they play the instrument infront of our guests as volunteers.

After listening music,everybody tried to play the instrument.
All the attendants were from the foreign coountries.
We were so worry that they would enjoy the Japanese traditional music,
but they were full of curiouse !!
They challenged to play the instrument after listening to the music.

I realized that music has no borders !!
After that, let's eat TAKOYAKI !!
The guests tried to make them.
Why don't you challenge to make them.

"The third time ,Japanese traditional Instrument night" will be held 
from 19:00~ on the 21st of August
We will continue to held it once a month.
Even if you don't stay in our guesthouse, please come and listen to the music !!
Let's enjoy togather !!

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