★2nd Anniversary★

Guesthouse KYOTO COMPASS celebrated the 2nd anniversary on the 7th of Feb,2016.
We sincerely appriciate all of you.
The number of people that we met in COMPASS is approximately 3,200 people from more than 40 countries in total. It's like we are on a world trip without going out of COMPASS.
With our feeling of gratitude, we are going to provode a web reservation-limited campaign.
We are looking forward to many people staying in our guesthouse at this opportunity.

★Get a shopping ticket★
Get a 300yen shopping ticket of Guesthouse KYOTO COMPASS
*You can use the ticket for bicycle rental, laundry services, original COMPASS goods, plus other things.
*1ticket per person.

★Get an original sticker of Guesthouse KYOTO COMPASS★
*1 ticket per person.

★Campaign period★
From 16th February to 6th March.
*The customers who stayed during this period.

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